Our world is filled with copy:

  • Your website is copy.
  • Your emails are copy.
  • Your Instagram ads are copy.
  • Your social posts are copy.
  • Your video scripts are copy.
  • Your content is copy.

Don’t have great copy?

That’s a massive issue.

Our mission is to:

  • Teach businesses and entrepreneurs how to write content and copy that convert.
  • Provide premium content and copy services for some of the world’s fastest-growing brands.
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Founded by Liz Willits

I started working in B2B, SaaS marketing nearly a decade ago.

I quickly realized the power of conversion copy — how it could double conversion rates and revenue overnight.

I also noticed the desperate lack of good copy in the market. And how small copy improvements could lead to drastic business growth.

In 2020, I started Content Phenom to help more businesses grow with great conversion copy.

Since then, I’ve helped tech startups become tech unicorns. I’ve created conversion strategies that doubled revenue and allowed founders to easily secure rounds of funding.  And I’ve guided businesses in transforming their approach to copywriting.

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Need a pro speaker at your event, webinar, or podcast?

Liz has nearly a decade of experience crafting high-converting copy and marketing strategies for B2B, SaaS companies.  

Liz is also a regular speaker at conferences like Content Marketing World and at podcasts and webinars.

“I’m a fan of email done right and have been using and studying it for a long time… and yet I still learn a lot from reading Liz’s thoughts and listening to her speeches.
She knows her stuff!
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

Content Marketing World attendees said:

“This was the most beneficial session I attended at Content Marketing World. The content was real, relevant, and very applicable.”

“Liz is excellent — knowledgeable, professional, helpful. I learned a lot of practical, applicable information both for actions I can take now and future actions.”

“Liz was awesome! So knowledgeable and engaging! Favorite session so far! 100% relatable to my work. I will definitely bring this information back with me.”

“Liz expertly crafted data, case study, and story together for an actionable session. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house.”

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